What We Do

Saskatchewan Community Residences

The homes are as unique as the people that live in them. Each house has its own personality based on the support requirements, preferences, and interests of the participants. Three of the homes are equipped with specialized support technologies including ceiling track lifts, lift tubs, ramps and a sensory (Snoezelon) room. All of the homes boast personalized décor, private bedrooms, recreation spaces and all of the features of a standard family residence. The homes are scattered throughout the community in residential areas and feature large outdoor spaces that are enjoyed by everyone during the warmer months.

Saskatchewan Community Participation Supports

A number of programs are offered, including wood-working, & painting. The participants in these programs develop skills in their areas of interest and produce high quality faux antique furniture, survey stakes, and cottage industry decor. There is a strong sense of collegiality between all the people in these areas. This community feel is fostered through coffee times, BBQ’s and other social events.

Saskatchewan Employment Supports

The Wood n Needle is the retail outlet for all items produced in the various Community Participation programs. This program is also home base for a group of people who work with fabric, needlepoint, recycled jeans, and quilting. The store is unique in that the people work in the main area of the store, located on the main street in Waldheim.

Opening its doors in December of 2010, the Wood n Needle has proven to be a tremendous success. The store is known throughout the Sask-Valley region for the quality and selection it offers in the way of unique and quality handcrafted items such as quilts, ragtime blankets, stitcheries, and hand-crafted wood furniture.

When you buy from Wood n Needle you are not only making a meaningful purchase, you are increasing opportunities for people who experience disabilities, and supporting communities.